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ABA - In Home Sessions

Recreating one to one in-centre ABA experience @ HOME : (3, 6 and 9 month packages available)

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Service Description

Unique and targeted therapy sessions based on individuals needs and family goals. Supervised by our Board Certified Behaviour Analyst, Bernadette Endaya, BCBA. Your child is unique and their programming should be too. ABA/IBI (applied behaviour analysis/intensive behaviour intervention) addresses specific and targeted goals that are determined through a variety of methods. Assessments, observations, trial meetings, and most importantly parent/caregiver requests are all used to develop your child’s behaviour plan(s). While we love to celebrate the many successes that your child makes during therapy sessions, our primary goal is to have your child achieve continued success without us. Sounds strange? It shouldn’t. We take very slow and deliberate steps to make sure that each goal is 100% met and your child is confident in what they have learned. We also look to involve parents/caregivers/families. As the primary support to your child, it only makes sense that you understand what is going on during sessions and can continue to help your child on a daily basis. Knowing how to deal with challenging behaviours and how to apply strategies learned in therapy sessions to the many variable situations in life will provide empowerment to families and self confidence to children. ABA/IBI is the evidence based approach that behaviour therapists in Canada use to develop various skills in individuals diagnosed with Autism. Although it has become synonymous with Autism, it is widely used in the treatment of many other developmental/psychological disorders. IBI is therapy that follows the same principals of ABA, but is more intensive in its delivery. Here is a link to a full description of what ABA therapy is. In these sessions, we re-create the one to one in-centre ABA experience at home . (Minimum hours requirement )

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Main Street East, Milton, ON, Canada

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