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Autism Therapy


Guiding Light Autism Services was founded in 2017 by Michelle Robotham-Gayle. After working in a large
organization that serviced individuals with Autism, she felt that something was missing; the personal
and realistic approach that families were longing for. The focus of Guiding Light is to empower families
and their special children and to provide the skills that will be most important for the personal growth of
each child. The evidence based intervention therapy that Canadians are familiar with, ABA, is used in a
way that is available to families. We want families to be able to do this on their own and be able to
handle any situation that may arise. When you have a proven and doable game plan, suddenly
challenging behaviour, as overwhelming as it can be sometimes, doesn’t seem so intimidating. Life is
ever changing and evolving and so are we. We are constantly updating and revising programming and
services that we offer. Programs are client dependant so if you don’t see what you are looking for or
have an idea, take the time to talk to us about it. Your suggestion could lead to a whole new program.
This is about you and your family so we want to hear from you.
Parental involvement is key. At Guiding Light we encourage and count on the active participation of
family members. We love being the experts, but we don’t want to be the only ones in the know.
Learning new skills shouldn’t end when your session ends; it should be perfected by you. After all, you
know your child best and can add the extra emotional support needed for them to succeed. We are
definitely your child’s biggest fan and cheerleader, but you are the best coach they can have.
It is important to us that we continue to meet the needs of the families that we serve and to provide a
positive outlook on whatever you are facing. Our team is made up of not only therapists, but parents
who understand what you are going through. By taking a different approach, you can shift your focus
and see potential instead of deficits; success instead of defeat; and action instead of concern. We invite
you to look at things from a different perspective with us.

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